2017 Travel Plans

Happy New Year!

While popular opinion seems to be that 2016 was a year to try and forget, it did involve a lot of wonderful travel for me. I visited five new countries in Europe, and got to enjoy a wonderful three weeks in North America.

Unless I suddenly win the lottery, 2017 will involve slightly less international travel (especially considering I’ve just enrolled to do my Honours year at university), but that means I get to spend time doing one of my favourite things – planning!

I do have a trip to North America currently being planned for this July, but that’s the only semi-locked in trip I have at this point. It’s definitely not an ideal time to travel, but a dear friend is getting married and I would hate to miss out on all of the fun! As I start making plans and booking things, I’ll be sure to share tips on how I manage budget travel in peak season.

My best friend and I are also toying with the idea of a cruise, something which neither of us have tried before. We like the idea of overpriced wifi forcing us to take a social media break, but we’ll see how that goes. We’re definitely trying to do a gals trip at some point this year, but the details are still very hazy. Somewhere with sun and cocktails is a must!

My parents are also interested in a trip to Vietnam, which is somewhere I visited on a school trip back in 2011 and absolutely adored. If they do decide to go, I’ll definitely be helping them plan their itinerary, and attempting to weasel my way into a trip invitation!

More locally, it looks like I’ll once again be hitting up most of the capital cities for work, but that’s less exciting travel and more “fly in, see hotel and convention centre, fly out”. I’ll be spending a bit of time in Melbourne as many of my dear friends live there, and may also venture down to Adelaide for a long weekend. The year is young and the country is large, so there’s definitely a lot of potential clicking away in my brain!

What about you, dear readers? Do you have any exciting trips locked in for 2017, or are you in the planning cycle like I am?

Happy travels!


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  1. We are off to the Tanami Desert to research my next book. Plus a short visit to Airlie Beach to finalise the research for my current work in progress . But alas no international travel for 2017 😞

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