I’m G, and I like traveling by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I also love traveling with loved ones, but I also love just getting out there and exploring with just me.

The other day I was in LA on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. It was lots of fun, and culminated in an interactive museum where one of the exhibits was the Central Perk set from Friends. I asked a fellow traveler to take my photo as I sat on the couch, and as she handed my phone back to me she said, “Oh, are you here alone? You’re so brave!”

Her comment threw me for a moment because while I’ve thought a lot about traveling by myself, the word brave has never been one that’s crossed my mind. After all, my dad calls me a five-star tourist! There’s no youth hostels or backpacks in my plan (that’s a post for another day!), and so far I’ve visited major, English speaking cities like London, Dublin and LA. Not exactly the height of bravery, by any stretch of the word!

However, I can kind of see where she was coming from. People traveling by themselves for fun isn’t something you see a lot. Sure, you see solo business travellers, but most people who go overseas for a holiday are accompanied by family and/or friends, or join a Contiki tour to make meet new people and avoid being by themselves. You just don’t see many twenty-something females doing it all alone. Not to say they don’t exist, but it’s rare to come across someone who travels like I do.

I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs lately (I’ve been wanting to start point hacking, and am always looking for tips and tricks to make my travels easier and cheaper!), and I noticed there’s a gap in the market for people who are looking for advice or tips on traveling alone. So I thought to myself, hey, you’re a writer (with a brand new shiny degree and everything!), why not see what you can do!

I want to share my stories and tips about life as a solo traveler, writing about everything from hitting up theme parks alone (seriously, once you try it you’ll never want to go back to being in a group!), navigation and transport when it’s just you, how to save money on hotels (and avoid hostels!), and my progress as I develop larger Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Program accounts.

So drop by, say hey, and let me know if you’re also a fan of the solo trip!

G x


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