2017 Travel Plans

Happy New Year! While popular opinion seems to be that 2016 was a year to try and forget, it did involve a lot of wonderful travel for me. I visited five new countries in Europe, and got to enjoy a wonderful three weeks in North America. Unless I suddenly win the lottery, 2017 will involve […]

So why don’t you backpack?

As I briefly mentioned in my earlier post, I’m not a fan of backpacking or staying in youth hostels. I have lots of friends who swear by the experience, but they’re just not for me, and you shouldn’t feel like they’re your only option when traveling by yourself either! I choose not to backpack because […]


Hiya! I’m G, and I like traveling by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I also love traveling with loved ones, but I also love just getting out there and exploring with just me. The other day I was in LA on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. It was lots of fun, and culminated in an […]