USA 2K17 – Accommodation

I’ve previously mentioned that when traveling I like to stay in hotels whenever possible. In my last post, I also mentioned that due to a wedding, I would be heading to the USA in peak season and therefore doing my first full trip* in youth hostels. *okay, it’s 90% youth hostels. I did spring for […]

USA 2K17 – Three Weeks To Go!

It’s three weeks today until I board a plane for my next adventure – eek! While it feels like I was just in America (how has it already been six months??), this next trip is again to the US of A. Normally I would never travel to the States in peak season (it goes against everything I […]

Location Guide: Los Angeles

Depending on which side of the world you’re flying from, Los Angeles may very well be your most accessible port for arrival into the USA; it definitely is from Australia. While many disagree with me, I’m not a fan of LA. It’s smoggy and kind of confusing to get around, and most of the things […]