Three Things Thursday: Planning Apps

It’s two months today until I’ll be leaving on my next trip to the USA (how is it mid-May already?!), and in addition to this, I’m also in the early stages of planning a YOLO trip to the UK after my thesis is handed in in late October/early November (a trip which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I got tickets to see Harry Styles in Manchester. Nope.). Both of these things mean that I’m currently neck deep in the planning stage of travelling, and utilising as many websites and apps as I can to make this as easy as possible.

Today, I’m sharing my three favourite apps to help me plan and organise in the lead up to international trips:

  • TripIt (Pro) – This is quite possibly my favourite app of all time.  It scans your emails and picks up on all confirmations and itineraries and loads them into the app, creating full trip itineraries for you without you needing to lift a finger. It gives you check-in reminders, lets you know whether your flight has been delayed, gives you updates on gate changes, and stores all those booking numbers you always forget to write down. When you’re booking a whole bunch of stuff like this (such as I have been these past few weeks), having something compile an itinerary and store important details for you as you go is life changing.
    I’ve subscribed to the Pro plan ($49USD/year) which you need to get the real-time flight updates, but most of the capabilities of the app are available in the free plan. If you have a trip coming up, they do offer a 30 Day free trial to the pro plan which you could activate right before your trip, and then decide if it’s useful before paying for the year.


  • Kayak – While I’ve already got my flights to the USA,  I’m still on the hunt for cheap flights to the UK. Using the Kayak app means that I get daily updates letting me know what the cheapest flights are for the dates I’m hoping to travel, as well as a guide on whether they expect the price to rise or fall in the future. This means that I have a general idea of how much money I’ll need to set aside for a reasonable flight, preventing a huge surprise on the day I’m ready to book.


  • Wally – For someone with a hobby that is so reliant on saving money, I’m terrible at budgeting and making sure that saving happens. Thankfully, technology is here to lend a helping hand, and Wally helps me track my spending to enable me to save the most possible money. While you have to manually add in the money going in and out, Wally gives you a monthly and daily spending limit to meet your goals, giving a visual reminder of whether or not you’re on target to max your savings for your upcoming trip.


What apps are essential to your travel planning?



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