USA 2K17 – Packing Woes

If you ask anyone who has ever traveled with me – whether it be away for a weekend or overseas for a month – they would tell you stories of my utter inability to pack lightly. Despite the fact that when I’m at home I literally wear the same three outfits, as soon as I’m packing I’m suddenly overcome by the urge to dig things out of the deepest recesses of my closet to take with me. The result of this, of course, is that I’m always stuck lugging around ginormous suitcases and praying to the travel gods that my bag remains as close to the maximum weight allowance as possible without veering into the “that will be an extra $50 per kg” territory.

However, this trip I have made a vow with myself to conquer this packing difficulty and pack as lightly as possible. The season, at least, is on my side. Half of my usual struggle is heading overseas in winter with a bag half full of jackets, scarves and boots, and so at least this time the shorts, dresses and swimmers I plan on taking won’t be anywhere near as space consuming. In order to force myself to stick to this vow, I have selected the smallest suitcase out of our collection to bring with me. I’ve found that in the past, when I see space in the bigger bags I usually take, I feel the need to fill them rather than just leave the space be. Whoops.

Part of the reason I’m so determined to pack lightly on this trip is that I will be staying in shared rooms for most of the trip, and traveling on trains. I want a bag that can easily fit under a bed or into a locker for safe keeping, while also being easy to lug onto trains and simple to store. As I’m traveling by myself I also need something that’s easy to lift and handle, as there’s nothing worse than finding yourself struggling with a huge bag and having to rely on some kind stranger to help you wrangle your bag where it needs to go.  However, I don’t want to suddenly become a full backpacker and find myself lugging around some giant backpack. God gave us wheels on bags for a reason, and I intend to use them.

In an ideal world where I’m made of money instead of relying on the savings from my casual job, I would have a super high-tech and fancy suitcase (is it weird I have a wish list of luggage I want to purchase?). Alas, I am reliant upon what is already in my possession, and as such will be taking this Thule Rolling Duffel, a bag that fits all of my essentials while also being easy to transport and convenient to store. I’ll also be taking my* Longchamp backpack as a day pack, as well as a handy tote to carry on-board with me and to store essentials for the longer train trips.

I’m yet to actually start packing, but with eight sleeps until I leave, and seven of those days to be spent at work I should get onto that soon. Possibly. Probably not. I always go into things with the best of intentions, but it’s almost guaranteed I’ll be frantically shoving things into my bag the morning of my flight. Come to think of it, disorganisation is probably at the heart of a lot of my packing woes…


*Okay, it’s my mums. But I’ve been “borrowing” it for long enough that it may as well be mine, right? Until recently, I also had her Longchamp tote in my possession, but that one was taken back and I was told to save up for my own.

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