USA 2K17 – Three Weeks To Go!

It’s three weeks today until I board a plane for my next adventure – eek!

While it feels like I was just in America (how has it already been six months??), this next trip is again to the US of A. Normally I would never travel to the States in peak season (it goes against everything I believe in as a budget traveller!), however a dear friend is getting married and when the wedding invitations come, it’s hard for me to say no (seeing friends celebrate their love AND a holiday?? What’s not to love!).

I’m excited because this trip is going to take me to a bunch of cities I’ve never visited before, as well as allowing me to experience the country outside of Winter. I’m beginning my trip with two nights in LA to combat jetlag, before heading to Seattle for four nights, and the wedding. After Seattle, I’m taking a leisurely hop down the West Coast, stopping in Portland, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and San Diego. While usually I’m a fan of flying to maximise my time in each location, this trip is all about relaxation and taking things slow, and so I’m jumping on the Coast Starlight to get me between locations while allowing maximum window gazing. In an ideal world, this would be a roadtrip, but alas, I’m too young to rent a car in the States, and would never want to drive in a foreign country without a bunch of friends as backups (and let’s face it, I don’t even drive in Sydney – I would be a mess trying to figure out how it works in a different country. What are miles, again???).

Another first this trip is the fact that I’m – gasp! – staying in youth hostels. Other than an adorable AirBnB I couldn’t pass up in Seattle, a trip to the USA in July is way too expensive for me to even think about doing in my regular hotels. While you can get awesome deals when it’s not the middle of summer, hostel prices are even pushing the limits of my budget this time around. But never fear! While I’m doing dormitory style accommodation, I’ve managed to find some pretty adorable places along the way to make this trip less like I’m gap year backpacking and more like I’m doing a budget treat yo’ self to celebrate the end of a semester.

Over the next three weeks, I’m going to be sharing some more about my trip, including packing tips and tricks (and what I’m taking with me!), how I built my itinerary and budget, and some of the activities I’m hoping to check out. And then, of course, I’ll be sharing my journey as I go.

If you have any tips for the places I’m heading to, let me know! I’m always keen for insider knowledge!


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